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Asphalt Services



When well-constructed, it will last for decades! An investment which adds instant value to your property.  So, while many companies will not excavate, prepare and surface your asphalt driveway, we can and we do. Working with one contractor who can undertake end-to-end construction is key to a achieving a flawless finish.



If you have an urgent pot-hole repair, we’ll fix it for you, with an extremely fast turnaround. With our in-depth understanding of surfacing methodologies, our Patching Crew will establish the most efficient and cost-effective approach for your repairs. Experts in constructing asphalt and chip seal surfaces, we’re experts in repairing them too.


Crack Sealing

Cracks can and will drastically reduce the life of a pavement or driveway as the moisture creates soft areas. Sealing cracks when first noticed is imperative to achieve the best results and limit any base damage.



Not only do they make a street look rundown and unsightly, but they also pose a threat to the safety of anyone who travels on the road. Potholes can grow rapidly. While small potholes may only cause minor damage to a vehicle, larger ones can actually cause an accident.


Speed Bumps

Installing and repairing asphalt speed humps for businesses and organisations across Gold Coast for many years. Whether you’re a local council looking to add speed humps to a street, or a commercial property owner seeking to reduce driving speeds in your car park, we can help.



We have completed trenching projects ranging from irrigation through to communication installation. We work with builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, drainers, and more.

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