Crack Sealing Services

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Crack Sealing Services

When cracks form in pavements or driveways, moisture is able to penetrate the surface which causes material failure. Failure to then seal those cracks will result in further cracking, potholes and eventually major breakdown, leading to expensive repairs.

Cracks can and will drastically reduce the life of a pavement or driveway as the moisture creates soft areas. Sealing cracks when first noticed is imperative to achieve the best results and limit any base damage.

To minimize moisture infiltration, crack sealing with rubberized bitumen is required. Crack sealing is an efficient and economical method of maintaining pavements and drives. It is affordable and very effective, especially when compared to more extensive works such as reconstructing.

In QLD, crack sealing has been used increasingly more over he past few years. The states government advocate crack sealing as a key element of their maintenance program.

Causes of Asphalt Failure

  • ​Water penetration
  • Movement of the pavement
  • Oxidation of the binder
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Upward reflection of underlying pavement
  • Overloading of vehicles and continued traffic use
  • Depth of pavement


Early intervention is vital in prolonging the life of pavements and driveways. Once you can see a crack on the surface, the rate of deterioration will surely accelerate. Crack sealing will delay the deterioration process and can significantly add to the life span, maximising your asphalt investment.

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